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Federal Seasky have the expertise to provide a competitive edge in automotive logistics across the globe and in India . The services offered are gained from long experience in the sector and is designed specifically for the automotive industry. Our global network and experts contribute for innovative thinking, and successful implementation to keep customers satisfied. Federal Seasky offer services that include transportation and distribution, consolidation and deconsolidation, along with supply chain management solutions around the globe.

Fashion & Retail
Federal Seasky provide logistics solutions to the retail sector, using experts who understand the unique requirements of the industry. The company serve some of the world's most respected retailers, helping them in their logistics needs with efficiency and competitive advantage across the supply chain.

• Global Air and Ocean Freight
• End-to-End Supply Chain Solutions
• e-Commerce
• Value Added Services

The logistics need of Energy product .e.g. SOLAR needs a Cost efficiency and supply chain optimization . At Federal Seasky we meet both demands. The constantly demands in the supply chain is met by providing customized and innovative logistics solutions, We keep your supply chain flexible, and ensure your costs stay down, while your business continues, no matter the changes you need to make.

We use standard processes based on global best practice and global metrics to deliver outstanding performance, high service levels and optimize your supply chain costs.

Our product offers you:
• Equipment Logistics
• Spare Parts Logistics
• Warehouse Management
• Project Management
• Quality Assurance in Supply Chain
• Value Added Services

Pharma & Healthcare
Pharma and healthcare faces a regular compliance requirements and delivery needs .Continuous improvement on the service is the outmost need of a healthcare company . We provides a customize solutions for this vertical with its deep industry Expertise and helps in providing the most efficient and suitable logistics solution for the shipment.

Federal Seasky understand the requirements for transporting the healthcare products . The products which are not transported within the required temperature limits may lead to life –threatning situations.

Industrial Logistics & Aerospace
At Federal Seasky we have solution for Every Industrial segment of all types and sizes, from small local businesses to Major business operating in the global arena in the following subsectors:

• Rail vehicles and Transportation
• Energy and Power
• Construction & Mining
• Automation
• General Industrial Goods
• Medical Equipments
• Paper
• Fire and Building Security

At Federal Seasky we provide customised aerospace solutions for manufacturers , airlines and service companies . The maintenance and repair companies needs experts for timely deliveries for schedule and non schedule airline operators .We are proud of our expertise, our integrated end-to-end supply chain services.


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