For the first time in 128 years, the women contestants in the election, then said this thing for the future

For the first time in the history of Kanpur Club, a woman has landed in the electoral fray. Meetu Rohatgi has filled the nomination for the post of director. She says that she took a lot of time to decide on this journey. They claim that this time only I have come and many more women will be the contenders next year.
Metu says that she has been visiting Kanpur Club since childhood. There were objections to some things about them. He also complained but there was no hearing. It felt like if there were any women members in the committee then they could understand the problem well.
Both of these are over, its happiness


Metu said that he decided to go to the field very thoughtfully. They said, when I introduced the family to the idea of ​​contesting the elections, everyone welcomed it.


Father Dr. LK Nigam and husband Sandeep Rohatgi supported quite a lot. Not only that, the club members also appreciated the decision. They say that with positive thinking, I will be in the election. The defeat is a distant thing, the most important is to eliminate fear and reluctance. Both of these are over, its happiness.

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