Kerala flood: The man who came forward to help people to avoid their marriage, the actor remained in the water all night with fishermen.

Things have become quite fragile due to the flood in Kerala over the past several days. In this way, people from all over the country are advancing to help in this situation of flood victims. Even Bollywood stars and tollywood stars are giving donations to Kerala. In such a situation, an actor has started saving his marriage to save the people stranded in the flood …
This information was given by Actress Richa Chadda on her twitter account. He has made a tweet about flood affected Kerala in which the actor has avoided his marriage to help people in Kerala.

Kerala Flood

He tweeted, ‘He salutes his co-star Rajiv’s life, Rajiv was supposed to marry three days earlier. But seeing the shabby condition of Kerala, he avoided the marriage. Actress Richa Chadda is going to be seen with her next film Shakeela.

Rajeev reached his home in Kerala and got involved in helping people in this difficult time. Explain that he did a commendable job helping a group of fishermen to help people overnight.

Kerala Flood

Things have become extremely high due to the flood in Kerala. In this way, many Bollywood stars also came forward to help flood victims. At the same time, South Actor Siddhartha has made a big appeal to the people of the state to help the people suffering from floods by adopting the #kerelaflooddonation challenge to help the state of Kerala.

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