If Rahul finds time to get rid of his eyes, check the work of Modi government for Dalits: Shah

BJP President Amit Shah has said that the Congress President Rahul Gandhi has tense the tone, that if he gets a break from the eye, then take account of the work done for the government’s dalits.
On Thursday, Rahul had termed Prime Minister Narendra Modi a person with anti-Dalit mentality. In a protest against the Dalit organizations in Delhi’s Jantar Mantar, Rahul attacked the Modi government with fiercely.

Rahul Gandhi

Rahul Gandhi said that if there is no place for Dalits in the heart of Prime Minister Modi. If this were the case, then there would be different policies for the Dalits today. He said that when Modi was the Chief Minister, he also wrote in his book ‘Enjoying cleaning the Dalits’. Here’s their thinking.

Shah responded to Rahul’s statement through several tweets. Shah said that the tradition of humiliating the Dalits has been done by Congress and opposition parties. Shah said that the Prime Minister made the most concrete amendment in the SC-SC Act and has paved the way for OBC Commissions. Whereas Congress has had a tradition of insulting SCST, pressing the Mandal Commission’s report and weakening OBCs.

Rahul Gandhi

Shah tweeted this after Rahul during a function at Mantar after calling PM a Dalit opponent. In his tweet, Shah said in every tweet that if you get rid of Rahul’s eye-opener and create obstruction in the Parliament, find out about the work of the government.

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