Siddhu Bole, Modi-Atal also went to Lahore, BJP said: ‘Rahul does not move without address in party

Two days after returning from Pakistan, Congress leader Navjot Singh Sidhu has given a clean chit by press conference after meeting with Pak army chief Bajwa. The BJP attacked him on the cleanliness of Sidhu. The BJP spokesperson said that Sidhu has made a press conference on the advice of Rahul. While the country is seeking answers from Rahul Gandhi. He said that even without Rahul Gandhi, the leaf does not move in Congress.
He said that Rahul Gandhi can never run a parallel government. They should be cleansed on this whole issue. To his state the Chief Minister has wrongly defied his meeting with him. Even then, he has a press conference. It is amazing. Siddhu has not been cured by joining hands with Pakistan Army chief.

Sidhu Bole

He said that he will decide how to have relations with Pakistan. He condemned Congress’s attitude and said that Pakistan is an enemy of peace. But Sidhu is feeling himself equal to PM. Before going to Sidhu, I did not remember martyrdom of Rao. Which Pakistan has killed. They have not seen the tears of 100 million Indians. He said Sidhu believes in General Bajwa but not on India.

Let me say that the Prime Minister Imran Khan’s swearing in ceremony, when the Pakistan Army chief Kamar Bajwa embraced, then the finger started to rise, but Navjot Sidhu responded with a press conference. Navjot Sidhu said that Pak army chief Kamar Bajwa talked about peace, so I became emotional and in this emotional state I embraced him.

Navjot Sidhu said that former Prime Minister Atal Bihari Vajpayee also went to Pakistan with a friendship bus. Prime Minister Narendra Modi also called Nawaz Sharif in the swearing-in ceremony. In the same way I was called and I went. What has happened to so much anger in this, did not understand.

Navjot Sidhu said that many people said a lot about my going to Pakistan. Even Chief Minister Capt Amarinder Singh also said. India has democracy in the country. Everyone has freedom here, tell your point.

Sidhu Bole

Earlier, Cabinet Minister of Punjab Navjot Singh Sidhu had said that he is ready to answer in the matter and when needed it will be given a strong response.

He said that whenever the answer will be there I will answer and give to all. Navjot Sidhu, who came to Pakistan to take part in the swearing-in ceremony of the newly elected Prime Minister of Pakistan, had received hail from Pakistan Army Chief. Opposition parties in India criticized the incident, while Chief Minister Capt Amarinder Singh also expressed his condolences on Sidhu’s move.

In his reply, Sidhu said that when someone tells him that we are from the same culture and the historical Gurudwara Sri Kartarpur Sahib talked of opening the path, what should they have to do? In between, Navjot Sidhu’s Chief of the Pak army, Jaffi, is being promised the hope of opening the road to Kartarpur. The Sikh community in Punjab has begun to correct the cause of Sidhu’s jaffi.

Sidhu has also claimed that the Pak army has agreed to consider opening the path of Kartarpur in the celebration of the 550th anniversary celebration of the prominent Shri Guru Nanak Dev ji. Sidhu said that he was very happy to hear this from Chief of the Pak Army.

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