Can agree on terms of government on payment bank, Whatsapp, meet next week from IT minister

Payment Bank

Messaging app WhatsApp has stepped up efforts to get its payment bank cleared in India, under which the company’s chief executive officer (CEO) will meet next week with Central Electronic and Information Technology Minister Ravi Shankar Prasad. During this time, discussions on preventing fake reports on WhatsApp can also be discussed.

Payment Bank
Because of the objection of the IT ministry to the payment service of Whatseep Company, the approval has not been received so that the meeting is being considered very important.

The Ministry, while objecting to the company’s payment service before the Reserve Bank of India (RBI) and NPCI, had asked to appoint its top officials before starting the payment bank, along with establishing an office in the country.

However, though WhatSep has not given any official answer so far. According to an official of the ministry, the CEO of Whatsapp had asked for the time to meet Minister Ravi Shankar Prasad on the issue of payment bank, on which the ministry gave Wednesday the following week.

IT ministry expresses objection

Payment Bank

To speed up the government’s digital India campaign, the RBI had cleared many payment banks in the past. At the same time, the process of allowing WhatsApp services of WhatsApp was continuing, but after the IT Ministry’s objection, his case went to the freezing point, after which the WhatSep management has made its efforts.

According to the top officials of the ministry, apart from the payment bank, we will also issue an issue to prevent false news in front of the CEO of WhatsApp. The ministry is serious in both the cases and is committed to not harming any citizen of the country. It is believed that Whatsapp is ready to fulfill the condition of the ministry to appoint officials before starting their payment service.

Government does not agree with the second answer

It is significant that in the case of fake news, the Ministry does not agree with the second answer given by Whattepe. The company said in its reply that we can not monitor every message, while the ministry wanted that Whatsapp would take steps to target groups spreading fake messages. Whatsapp had taken the step to push the message in the 5 groups on its platform.

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