These services are available free of charge on petrol pumps, you can complain about the demand for money

Petrol Pump

On the petrol pump, you may have noticed that besides filling the fuel (petrol-diesel) there are some other services available for vehicles and vehicles. Some of these services are such that keeping all petrol pumps mandatory. However, in lieu of these services customers are not obliged to pay. We are giving you information about some similar services today in our news. Know which services you get for free at a petrol pump?

Free Air Facility-

Customers are provided air filling facility in the tires of their cars on petrol pumps. This facility is provided free of charge. Therefore, the employees of the pump should not pay for this service. In order to check the tire air, you can also complain on the petrol pump if you ask for money from the employees.


Free clean toilets are also available for everyone on the petrol pump. Not only sanitation is given importance but here also light and water are provided in the right way.

First Aid Box-

In the event of a road accident or a highway accident, you can take the first aid kit from the nearest petrol pump for the victim. Let the personnel of the petrol pump have the responsibility to keep updating the kit regularly. Also remove expired drugs from the kit.

Petrol Pump

Quality and quantity check-

If you are disturbed by giving lesser mileage to your vehicle or by the day-to-day defect in the engine, then one reason may be bad diesel and petrol. According to the Customer Protection Act 1986, the petrol pump should be kept in the filter paper stock. If the customer demands filter paper to check the adulteration in this fuel then the petrol pump can not deny it. Also, it is free for that petrol pump worker can not ask for money from you.

All you have to do is put some drops of petrol / diesel on that filter paper. If he flies without leaving the mark immediately, then you can be sure of his purity, but if the petrol filter leaves a trail left on the paper in any case, then suppose you have some tincture in petrol / diesel.

Availability of essential information-
To help the customers for every petrol pump worker, it is mandatory to maintain the person / suggestions / complaint book. Also, they have to provide this information on demand from the customer.

Where can the complaint-

If you are refused for services mentioned above, customers can contact the IOC, HPCL and BPCL toll free Customer Care number and file a complaint.

IOCL- 1800-2333-555

HPCL- 1800-2333-555

BPCL- 1800-22-4344

Apart from this, customers can also file a complaint with the IOC, HPCL or BPCL website.




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